The Call For Good Photography

There are very few moments in our lives more precious than the smile of success, especially of successful motherhood. In the age of social media where we breathe, live, and share our most precious moments on-line in one capacity or another, having a good photograph in hand to illustrate such concept seems pressing to a point of almost being a requisite. I have to admit that doing a photoshoot of a proud and intelligent mom with her son and then seeing the quality photo shared with hundreds on Facebook and other on-line sites is what makes me love to photograph. It helps to me to keep going and thanking God for the wonderful and privileged opportunity to be a candid photographer. It is kind of cool to celebrate the technology that enables us to capture such unforgettable moments along with the client. When used in moderation, photo technology and its avenues for sharing really make our current times one to be remembered.

Mother and Son Portrait
Mother and Son Portrait

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