The Beauty of Mississippi

Nobody can deny that the State of Mississippi (Especially the suburbs of Jackson) is in fact a beautiful place to photograph. The Natchez Trace, Mississippi Delta, Renaissance, Reservoir… These are outstanding locations to capture the most beautiful and memorable shots.

Since arriving down here, I have taken over five thousand photographs and still counting. The photo above is one of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken that capture the character of this lovely region. 

One single location when explored by different parts and angles do allow photographers to capture the moments that take your breath away. If you like wildlife photography and landscapes… You need to visit! 

The beauty of all is that these photos can be captured in the heart of winter, making our region a must destination to photograph in January. 

So next time you wanna find a winter location to shoot and capture lifetime memories, come to #mississippi. The landscape and wildlife is beautiful and worth the trip. Cheers!