About Dr. “A”

Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida is a multidimensional Associate Professor of Communication at Lee University and a thoughtful leader who has taught over a thousand students, in five institutions ranging from division 3, 2, and 1 levels in his career. Dr. “A” has taught courses in both teaching and research oriented schools serving as Interim Department Chair with tenure status (Associate Professor) in two institutions. He is a generalist of communication. * Philosophy of Leadership
Photo of Dr. Almeida in the format of a portrait.
Dr. A’s Headshot

Dr. A’s Expertise

He is also a technology critic who has written, talked and published academic articles and two books on the importance of using technology moderately. He has been nationally featured in many national outlets including the Wall Street Journal, WJSU-FM (NPR affiliate), ABC-Jackson, CBS-Chattanooga, the Observer Reporter (OR), TEDxPhoenixville, The Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Voice of America (VOA), Indiana Gazette, The Vindicator and now at the Cleveland Daily Banner. Internationally, Dr. Almeida has been featured in the highly prestigious O Globo Newspaper, Radio CBN, Investimentos e Noticias (Brazil), Triffato Magazine (Brazil), and Voice of America (Nigeria). Dr. A has had over 20 million media impressions (MI) for his work in techno moderation alone, all advancing key message points.
Photo of Dr. A
A Professor With Character

 Dr. A’s “No Box” Initiatives 

In an attempt to spread the message of Techno Moderation to the millennial generation, Dr. A has partnered with Jose Valentino, a Multi-Latin Grammy nominee in order to produce the TechnoModeration rap song. The complete song is found below.

Rap Song Recording Photo
Rap Song Recording Photo
Photo of Dr. A and Student going away from a walking smartphone
Dr. A Promoting His TEDx His Way
Photo of products designed by Dr. A
Dr. A Using His Skills In Photography To Create Fashion

Dr. A: The Caring Professor

Dr. Almeida is a college professor who cares and is constantly interacting with students in order to better serve and find the best in them. It isn’t atypical for him to stop in the middle of the hallway and start speaking with students, literally. He takes this approach in order to expose students to his personality outside the classroom, which he believes is one of the most important things students should know in a university — that professors have a life and personality outside the classroom.

  • Dr. A And Students At Lee University 
Photo of Dr. A and students at Lee University.
Dr. A And Students At Lee University
  • Dr. A And Thaddeus At Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Photo of Dr. A In a Photo Studio
Dr. A Encouraging His Graduate Assistant To Pursue A Doctoral Degree

Dr. Almeida is one of those professors who enjoy working with students and give them the opportunity to meet the right people so that they can get jobs by the time they graduate. The photography below was taken at the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce after his class worked with the Bradley County Health Council, a non-profit organization sponsored by the governor of Tennessee. Two students represented the class to the Healthier Tennessee Board. The board was very impressed with his student’s work.

  • Dr. A And Students In Cleveland, TN
Photo of Dr. A with Students at Bradley County Chamber of Commerce.
Dr. A With Two Students At The Bradley County’s Chamber Of Commerce Healthier TN Board

Dr. A: The Latino Professor


He has also contributed to the Praeger Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S., was acclaimed by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review as “Newsmaker” for his work with technology, and has served as a quantitative researcher for the multi-million dollar Classrooms For the Future (CFF) and Enhancing Education Through Technology grants. Dr. “A” isn’t against technology or media development.

Much for the contrary. He is an experienced technology producer who has designed and developed a wide variety of media artifacts. However, he does understand the implications of technological overuse and isn’t shy about speaking about its side effects.

Dr. A: The Professor Who Continues To Learn

One heck of a guy who has a PhD from Penn State and executive education training in leadership from Harvard University,  He doesn’t attempt to change people… He empowers them to discover their very best. Possessing the gift of exhortation, Dr. “A” is students best cheerleader and encourager.

Dr. Almeida is a dedicated community man who is involved with leadership training with Rotary International. An former member at the Ridgeland/Madison and Indiana Rotary Clubs, Dr. “A” prides itself with serving above self.

  • Harvard University 
Photo of Dr. Almeida at Harvard University with corporate leaders.
Photo of Dr. A With Corporate Leaders From All Over The World
  • Rotary Club Leadership Institute
Photo of Dr. A at the Rotary Club Leadership institute.
Dr. A At the 2017 Leadership Training At The Rotary Club Leadership Institute
  • Cleveland Media Association 
Photo of CMA Board Members
Dr. A And Other Board Members Of The Cleveland Media Association.
Dr. A Singing In The Choir's Tenor Section
Dr. A Singing In The Choir’s Tenor Section