About Dr. “A”

Dr. Luis C. Almeida is a professional communicator (teacher, blogger, photographer, and public speaker) and technology critic who has written, talked and published academic articles and a book on the importance of using technology moderately. He has been nationally featured in many national outlets including the Wall Street Journal, WJSU-FM (NPR affiliate), ABC-Jackson, TEDxPhoenixville, Voice of America (VOA), Indiana Gazette and The Vindicator. Internationally, Dr. Almeida has been featured in the highly prestigious O Globo Newspaper, Radio CBN, Investimentos e Noticias (Brazil), Triffato Magazine (Brazil), and Voice of America (Nigeria).

He has also contributed to the Prattler Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S., was acclaimed by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review as “Newsmaker” for his work with technology, and has served as a quantitative researcher for the multi-million dollar Classrooms For the Future (CFF) and Enhancing Education Through Technology grants. Dr. “A” isn’t against technology or media development. Much for the contrary. He is an experienced technology producer who has designed and developed a wide variety of media artifacts. However, he does understand the implications of technological overuse and isn’t shy about speaking about its side effects.

As a matter of fact, the Digital Citizenship Summit hosted at Twitter Headquarters this past October broadcasted Dr. Almeida’s interview on the ethics of technology to thousands of viewers. He has presented over 60 conference presentations and published articles in three continents relating to media and education. He has also being featured in the Wall Street Journal for his leadership qualities, as well.

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Dr. Luis C. Almeida has recently published a book, “Becoming a Brand: The Rise of Technomoderation” which he has been promoting both face-to-face and on social media since December 2016. The book, due to his tireless social media campaigns and keynote deliveries, was ranked in the top #14 best selling books for educators (kindle edition) on http://www.amazon.com in January 2017. Dr. “A” is an Amazon.com Best Selling book author. He has also written an ebook titled, “From The Mind of Dr. A,” where he features literally dozens of tips about the workforce for college students.

Like Dr. “A” on Amazon –> http://www.amazon.com/author/luisalmeida


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Dr. “A” is versed in a wide variety of technological tools and procedures. The Visual Mississippi photo book, a recently released photo book illustrating the beauty of the state of Mississippi, is evidence of his work in contemporary communication art. He has also designed and developed two photo calendars about the state of Mississippi.


One heck of a guy who has a PhD from Penn State University. He doesn’t attempt to change people… he empowers them to discover their very best. Possessing the gift of exhortation, Dr. “A” is students best cheerleader and encourager. He is truly a public speaker who cares.  He is an educator of the present who has promised and provided successful concurrent sessions for clients for almost ten years.

Dr. Almeida is also a dedicated community man who is involved with leadership training with Rotary International. An active member at the Ridgeland/Madison Rotary Club, Dr. “A” prides itself with serving above self. The photograph below was taken at the Rotary Leadership Institute, a systematic training designed to help Rotarians to become better leaders within the organization.


Dr. “A”is also a devoted Christian who serves his church by singing baritenore. The video below is evidence of Dr. Almeida’s involvement with his church in music ministry, one of his true passions outside of work.